The Gift of a Poem

Winter and New Year’s is a time to be good to yourself. It’s a season full of social events, but a time when the weather, the angle of light, and temperatures incline a turn inward, toward meditation and introspection — poetry weather! Here are some book reviews at Powell’s Books to help you choose a gift for yourself.

Every year I treat myself to a poetry book by a poet whose work I don’t already own. This year, I’m going for Margo Berdeshevsky’s Between Soul and Stone. Here’s what Sven Birkerts said about Margo:

Margo Berdeshevsky understands the diabolical complexity of the human heart, and how eros is a form of intelligence as well as a drive. Writing with lyric accuracy and necessary forgiveness about the turmoils of love, she also declares the 8th Deadly Sin: the refusal of intense experience. ”

A little preview of her poetry:

We’ve forgotten, they confess, teach us, please,
again. And he does. And leaves them to their lonely
holiness. No sooner gone, than the old men forget
their prayer, bereft, one runs and chases after:
running on waves to cry oh Father,
Father we’ve forgotten, tell us again.

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