Po-Biz: Marketing Your Book

On this topic of perennial interest to those with a book or two to promote, I found some interesting articles on the subject of key words and Twitter hashtags, which are the same as key words. Darcy Pattison’s blog talks about Twitter hashtags. They also should be used on your blog posts to allow google searches as well as Twitter searches to find your blog or Tweet.

Another blog, Always Upward, by Cinda Baxter, is about retailing, but has many useful posts on Facebook and how to be sure your posts don’t drop out of the newsfeed of your friends. When promoting your book, this Big Brother decision-making on the part of Facebook’s automated selections can be unhelpful to say the least. Cinda’s posts provide some work-arounds and also updates on Facebook’s ever-changing policies.

Happy marketing! Do you have any tips or stories on the use of social media to market your book? #poetrybook #marketing #hashtags

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